It’s Never Too Late for a Second Chance

Off the StreetsSM is helping Tracy talk about the shame that comes with prostitution, providing assistance for her in how to live sober, and showing her she is worth caring for herself.Learn more about Off the Streets »

Everyone Deserves a Safe Place to Live

On her floor at the Anna Louise Inn, Audrey knows all of her neighbors. They will listen to her stories, watch TV with her in the lounge, bring her food when she is ill, and walk with her to the bus stop. They are family.Learn more about Anna Louise Inn »

The First Steps are Crucial

Troy, who has a developmental delay, is now getting the services he needs and is improving every day in the classroom so he’ll be as ready as possible for kindergarten.Learn more about Early Childhood Education »



We rely on your support to better the lives of women and children. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. Please consider donating to Cincinnati Union Bethel or directly to one of our programs: early childhood education, the Anna Louise Inn, or Off the Streets. Donate Now »


Summertime Kids Makes Summer Extra Fun


Cincinnati Union Bethel’s preschools have been awarded a Summertime Kids Grant through the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to provide books about farm animals and also a live encounter with baby animals from Sunrock Farm to all summertime students.  Let the summertime fun begin!

Current News

Anna Louise Inn Celebrates 105th Anniversary

May 29, 2014

A special place for special women, the Anna Louise Inn is celebrating an amazing 105 years of providing safe and affordable housing to women in our community. Our history of helping women began back in 1909 and has continued unbroken over 100 years into the 21st century! With that new century, we look forward to a new Anna Louise Inn and many more years of helping women find a place to call home. Read full story »

Our Programs

Early Childhood Education

Four preschools provide Early Childhood Education/Head Start classes at sites on the west side of Cincinnati.  In each center, staff works with a Parent Policy Committee, and individual parents are involved in helping their children develop social and educational skills that will enable them to be better prepared for kindergarten.  Over 640 low-income children and their families benefit from this program annually.

Anna Louise Inn

Founded in 1909, the Inn is located in Lytle Park. Today, it still provides safe and affordable housing for women.  The Anna Louise Inn also provides a sense of community and emergency and referral services for women who are just trying to live independently and within their means.

Off The StreetsSM

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